Emily was near he turned to stone.

Me and kill me in the process. They would make me beg buy instagram followers for death to come and release me. I watched the instagram endless dunes roll by – one after the other until they blended into one sandy blur. I rubbed my eyes. There was a truck in front of us and two more behind us and all were filled with soldiers. They weren't taking any chances in me escaping, as if I stood a chance against only one soldier. I didn't even know how to fight. In the distance I could see the outline of a mountain. Strangely it had survived the buy instagram followers terraforming and now stood proud against the horizon after it conquered the endless desert. Before I always thought it was a beacon of hope, now it was just another lonely mountain fighting against the endless onslaught of sand and wind until one day the desert would swallow it whole. I was beyond tired, nearing physical collapse, but there was no chance I could sleep. This was my fault. Emily didn't deserve this. She didn't do anything wrong. Because of me she would be punished too. I was the reason she was going to die. We were heading towards our death. I didn't want to die and I didn't want Emily to suffer because of me. It wasn't fair. I never had the buy instagram followers chance to live – to really live and experience life. Rosa always said fate had a hand in everything that happened to us, but what plan did fate have that included my best friend dying, because of me. I stole a look at buy instagram followers Benson in the seat in front of me. He stared instagram sternly out the window. I wondered if the Vandelrizi hadn't invaded our world if he would still be this sadistic individual. Was he the product of our circumstances or was he born this way? Did he have parents or siblings? Though he and Robert were so close, I knew nothing about him. At least Chai was safe. The guards searched the whole city and couldn't find him. By some miracle no one thought of the tunnels and that he might have used it to escape. Suddenly the truck in front of us exploded in a huge ball of fire. Our truck sharply swerved to the side of the road to avoid the mangled mass off burning metal and we skidded to a halt. Soldiers peeled out of the trucks behind us and aimed their rifles at the dunes surrounding the dirt road ready for anything. Benson cursed loudly and slammed the door open. He jumped out, rifle in his hand, leaving us behind. Immediately I could hear the popping of automatic rifles and I ducked down on the seat as the front window exploded in a thousand shards of glass. The drivers head lolled to the right and blood seeped through his shirt. The convoy was under attack. buy instagram followers It could be the Scavengers or the rebels and I didn't intend to stay and find out. Emily's screams tore through the inside of the truck. I took her by the shoulders and forced her to look at me. Run! This was our chance to escape. I threw open the door and landed on all fours on the sand. I could see Emily doing the same. Ignoring the pain slamming through my joints, I scrambled to my feet and staggered across the sand, yahoo heading towards the nearest dune. My head pounded with every breath I took and I choked on the thick smoke coming from the burning vehicle. The metal bands on my wrists started